Christmas Light Installation Business Pitfalls And How To Avoid Them

You might have read somewhere that the Christmas light installation business is a very profitable business to get into right now with a mind-blowing growth rate of 800% in the last six years. This seasonal business has so many advantages. You can earn a six-figure income during just three months of the year, it only requires a very low startup cost and doesn’t require any certifications. You don’t even need prior business or work experience to start earning money hanging Christmas lights.

Christmas Light Installation Is Not Without It’s Challenges

What you don’t hear much about this business are its pitfalls and the challenges you may face. Many Christmas light installation business owners will tell you frankly that they were frustrated at first trying to figure out how to start, run and manage their business. There seems to be an equal amount of frustration for each success. What makes matters worse is that they couldn’t find accurate, reliable information to help them build their business.

Some Common Pitfalls

While the Christmas light installation business has tremendous advantages, there are problems that can arise anytime.

  • These problems include harsh weather conditions
  • Dealing with seasonal employees
  • Completing jobs on time
  • Installing low-quality Christmas lights
  • Marketing your business when you are first starting out

Budgeting Your Time

Another problem that you could deal with is simply how to handle the bulk of work coming in. Keep in mind that this business gives you about 2 months to work on the lighting installation jobs on your list. The 25th of December comes on the same day no matter what. Postponement is not an included vocabulary when it comes to holiday lighting installation. If you take too much work than you can handle and clients can’t have their lighting installed in time for the Holiday, you’ll get emotional outbursts from clients. This issue often causes the business to fail because words are spread quickly to potential clients.

Starting On A Good Foundation

The above mentioned problems can be avoided. There are several things you can do for your business to grow steadily without spinning out of control. The top priority must be to carefully manage your business. Prior to working on your first project, you must build a good foundation. Plan everything that goes into the operation your business well in advance such as hiring seasonal employees, screening for the best workers for specific projects early, sourcing quality lights practice installing them, also make sure you practice taking the lights down. Also seek the help of other professional installers if at all possible.

Don’t Forget About Servicing

Another common pitfall is not include time in your schedule time for services existing clients because you need it to keep lights working as long as they’re hanging there. Servicing dead lights for example can consume hours depending on the location of the home. Many beginners in the Xmas light installation business are often surprised with all the small details of lighting installation. Some challenges may arise unexpectedly, and it’s the unpreparedness that often causes frustration to business owners.